Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Time to revamp the site!

My apologies to all who visit here... I have been neglecting this site for way too long, and desperately need to update, revamp, and add to it.  I will leave it up for now, but hope to gradually transition it into a more helpful site for all who love tie-dye.  Some of the links I relied on for information are no longer active or available, so I will need to come up with better references or write tutorials, primarily for some of the patterns I see viewed the most... lightning bolt being one of the top patterns visited!  So be patient, and I will do my best to get some work done here.  I am also going to add a few posts on batik, using soy wax.  Here are some samples of what I have been doing with soy wax the past couple of years, that might interest you:

So stay tuned, and I hope to bring this site back to life soon!

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