Monday, July 5, 2010

Process Pledge

I just took the "Process Pledge" (see sidebar), which means I plan to do a better job of posting about how I create some of the tie-dye designs I have posted photos of in the past. I created my first demo video awhile back, showing how to create the "Bamboo" pattern, and promise to get back to creating more demos soon. As I mentioned in my first video, the reason I want to do this is when I started to tie-dye, the only instruction I could find was in books with black and white photos... hard to translate into color! And seeing someone actually tie and dye is much easier for someone like me who is very visual in how I process data, so I'm hoping to get back to the list of patterns soon and crank out some more instruction! Hold me to it, and let me know if you have a design you want to learn. Next up is "Novas", then I'm open to suggestion!

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