Saturday, July 24, 2010

Novas demo video

At last! I finally got time to create a demo on how to do what I call the 'Novas' pattern, or concentric circles!

I will post pix later of the 2 shirts I dyed in the demo so you can see the actual results. One correction I need to make on my description of how I do a shirt with two dye baths: I indicated that I would rinse out the shirt after the first dye bath, but what I meant to say is I rinse and wash after removing the rubber bands, then I proceed with banding novas in different areas and then apply the second dye bath. That's what happens when you work without a script! At any rate, I hope you enjoy the show!

Update: Here are the pix of the shirts I dyed in the video earlier today:

This is the first one I dyed, with yellow, fuchsia and turquoise. I used a little more yellow than I would have liked, so most of the shirt is green, but if you look at the nova on the top left side of the photo, you will see where the blue and fuchsia blended, and there is some fuchsia overdyeing the yellow on the nova in the middle to the right of the photo.
This is the overdyed shirt that you saw when it was turquoise with white novas. Now the white novas are faint mauve tones and the novas I created today stayed turquoise when I overdyed with lapis.

Here is another multiple dyed sample I did a few years back which better demonstrates the layered technique:
You can see both rust colored and green novas on this piece... that's what I aim for when I do the multiple dye bath version.


  1. Nice tutorial, Judy; I'm sure it will be very useful to a lot of new dyers. You're an absolute natural on camera speaker.

  2. another short comment : the voting function doesn't seem to be working...

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Dar! I just tried the poll, and it was working for me... can you tell me what you found when you tried it?

  4. When I vote, it shows me the results from other voters, but it doesn't include my own vote in the stats. Not the end of the world, I guess. Anyhow... I vote for Diagonal Stripe with Medallions!

  5. Wonderfull tutorial and t-shirts, I love the lavender turquoise.
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Great video Judy. Really well done. I happened upon the Fabric Dyers Dictionary at my local quilt store a few weeks ago. It was fun to see yet a 4th way to mix up dye stock. It amazes me how many different techniques are out there. It just goes to prove the point that not a lot of information was out there even just 10 years ago.