Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Tie-dye poll

Hi, all. I just added a new poll to see what other patterns you might like to see demonstrated. The poll will be open until August 8th, so let me know!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Novas demo video

At last! I finally got time to create a demo on how to do what I call the 'Novas' pattern, or concentric circles!

I will post pix later of the 2 shirts I dyed in the demo so you can see the actual results. One correction I need to make on my description of how I do a shirt with two dye baths: I indicated that I would rinse out the shirt after the first dye bath, but what I meant to say is I rinse and wash after removing the rubber bands, then I proceed with banding novas in different areas and then apply the second dye bath. That's what happens when you work without a script! At any rate, I hope you enjoy the show!

Update: Here are the pix of the shirts I dyed in the video earlier today:

This is the first one I dyed, with yellow, fuchsia and turquoise. I used a little more yellow than I would have liked, so most of the shirt is green, but if you look at the nova on the top left side of the photo, you will see where the blue and fuchsia blended, and there is some fuchsia overdyeing the yellow on the nova in the middle to the right of the photo.
This is the overdyed shirt that you saw when it was turquoise with white novas. Now the white novas are faint mauve tones and the novas I created today stayed turquoise when I overdyed with lapis.

Here is another multiple dyed sample I did a few years back which better demonstrates the layered technique:
You can see both rust colored and green novas on this piece... that's what I aim for when I do the multiple dye bath version.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Rope Wrap Shibori

Last year, I did a lot of experimenting with 'pole wrap shibori', with mixed results. I finally tried it on a 5 gallon bucket, and was able to get good results, but it's a lot of work and uses a lot of sinew. And it never really gave me the design I was hoping for, which is a 'water' design. Well, recently I bought a dyers book, 'Fabric Dyer's Dictionary' by Linda Johansen, which mostly focuses on dye recipes, but in the back she has instructions on how to create several patterns, including 'Rolling on a Rope'... guess what? It creates water textures! Here is a shirt I did using this technique:

I used a four foot section of 3/4" nylon rope to roll the shirt around, then loosely rubber banded the ends and middle, and scrunched the shirt together. Then I poured over the dyes, let it sit for an hour, added soda ash solution and batched for another hour, then rinsed/laundered. I will be using this technique a lot more, and may need to get some more rope! Fun and very simple!

Update: I am adding a photo of a coverup currently batching that I rolled and dyed the same as the shirt above. Hopefully, this will help you to visualize the process a little better. See comments below.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Process Pledge

I just took the "Process Pledge" (see sidebar), which means I plan to do a better job of posting about how I create some of the tie-dye designs I have posted photos of in the past. I created my first demo video awhile back, showing how to create the "Bamboo" pattern, and promise to get back to creating more demos soon. As I mentioned in my first video, the reason I want to do this is when I started to tie-dye, the only instruction I could find was in books with black and white photos... hard to translate into color! And seeing someone actually tie and dye is much easier for someone like me who is very visual in how I process data, so I'm hoping to get back to the list of patterns soon and crank out some more instruction! Hold me to it, and let me know if you have a design you want to learn. Next up is "Novas", then I'm open to suggestion!