Saturday, October 31, 2009

Change is coming...

This blog was originally created to showcase the work of members of the 'Stuck in the 60's Guild of Recently, artfire added a blog feature for its vendors, so each vendor is now able to blog directly on their own storefront blog.
I have decided to convert this blog site to one that focuses on tie-dye, since most of my visitors come here looking for information about tie-dye patterns. My hope is to create some 'how to' videos that I can post links to here, and I also plan to add links to other tie-dye sites, forums, etc., to create a clearing house of information on the tie-dye processes I have come to use over the years. I would also love to hear from other dyers as to what they are looking for in the way of information on tie-dye. Based on the kind of traffic I have had here this year, I know there is much interest in tie-dye as an art form, and I hope to help satisfy that interest as an active and avid tie-dyer. So stay tuned... I will be working on the transiton in the coming weeks -- great winter project when it's too cold to dye! -- and we'll see where this takes us!

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