Saturday, October 31, 2009

Change is coming...

This blog was originally created to showcase the work of members of the 'Stuck in the 60's Guild of Recently, artfire added a blog feature for its vendors, so each vendor is now able to blog directly on their own storefront blog.
I have decided to convert this blog site to one that focuses on tie-dye, since most of my visitors come here looking for information about tie-dye patterns. My hope is to create some 'how to' videos that I can post links to here, and I also plan to add links to other tie-dye sites, forums, etc., to create a clearing house of information on the tie-dye processes I have come to use over the years. I would also love to hear from other dyers as to what they are looking for in the way of information on tie-dye. Based on the kind of traffic I have had here this year, I know there is much interest in tie-dye as an art form, and I hope to help satisfy that interest as an active and avid tie-dyer. So stay tuned... I will be working on the transiton in the coming weeks -- great winter project when it's too cold to dye! -- and we'll see where this takes us!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Simple Accordion fold

I was doing some color experiments yesterday, and just wanted to test them on scraps of fabric. So I did a simple accordion fold of each piece, then accordion folded them again in the opposite direction to form a square, then rubber banded them to hold the folds together. I was testing two colors full and half strength, so I have 4 samples of the same folds:
This is such a simple pattern, and yet I love how it looks! The only problem with doing this on shirts is they are thicker than this muslin, and the patterns don't show up as well. But it's an easy way to create a dye resist for a quick tie-dye!