Monday, April 6, 2009

'Novas' pattern

I really love the look of 'Novas', especially when I use multiple dye baths to create them. Here are pictures of my latest:

I started out by 'scrunch' dyeing the item using two light dyes: Dharma Trading's Cayman Island Green and Seafoam Green. After the dyeing process was complete and the garment laundered, I then used rubber bands to create the 'Novas' pattern randomly over the garment. Then I scrunched it up, placed it in a plastic bin, and used 'Periwinkle', a light mixture of Cerulean Blue, and Lilac, plus water in between to add light areas. What I like is that the light colors from the first dyebath 'glow' where the rubber bands resist the second dyebath. I also like that I get several different hues, and each 'Nova' looks unique! This has been a favorite pattern for several years, and I never grow tired of it. Here are some more examples:
The example below was done with a different technique, Direct Application dyeing, but the
results are similar:

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