Saturday, March 21, 2009

Guest Blogger of the Week - Journi

Broken 4 Art not only has an amazing shop, but she's also an amazing person. She's creative, inspiring, and supportive of all of the members of our group in so many ways. So, grab a cup of coffee, and let me introduce you to the artist behind the name! :)

How did you come up with your shop name?

"7 years ago, I found myself dealing with some life changing decisions that forced me to take a road never traveled. Facing personal challenges, I listened to the 'voice within' that suggested I start a journey into brokenness, acceptance, and wholeness. I knew that I needed to trust myself to take a road that I had always wanted to take, but I just never had the courage to do so. I have always had a dream to be an artist who worked in a studio creating art for my life and livelihood. But, somewhere along the road, I took that "Get A Real Job" road which only took me to a dead end. I slowly became aware that the brokenness that I was experiencing was actually a gift and a chance to take that step of faith to create the life that I always dreamed of. So, the name Broken 4 Art came from this experience. I was literally Broken For Art."

What inspired you do create your first mosaic?
"During my time of re-self discovery, I was at a bookstore looking at art books and I came across a mosaic book by Kaffee Fassett & Candace Bahouth. The page that I opened to, in that book, showed a face that was mosaic'd (the page before the contents page). As I took a hard look at that face, I realized that the mosaic face was like a portrait of me and where my life had been taken to. At first, that face scared me to the point that I had to look away...I looked away to the page to the left and as I did, I saw some beautiful mosaic flowers! I looked back at the mosaic face and then again to those flowers. I knew, right then, that I had arrived to where I was suppose to go next in my life - to become a mosaic artist...a Shard mosaic artist. I was to take broken found and forgotten items and place them back together in order to make something new from all of the brokenness before me."

Has mosaic art lead you to any other art forms, or been a lead to any other passions?
"My mosaic art lead me to my passion to try to keep our world cleaner by using reused, reclaimed items solely for my art. It has also renewed my passion for macro photography - finding beauty in things that we often miss."

Where does your inspiration come from?
"I don't sketch out any designs. Instead, I allow the design to emerge from where they are at that point in time. To me, a broken shard has it's own design, color, history. To start a mosaic piece, I look at shards and found items that I have around me and allow each item to determine whether it should be included or not. I know when a design is flowing when I find that my heart, and not my head, is at peace with it."

Do you have any mosaic daydreams? there one thing that you dream of being able to create someday?
"I desire to share this wonderful art form with others. It is my goal to create a Mosaic Artist 'gathering place...a commune'. A place where new and established mosaic artists come together with the common goal to create art, from broken creations, in order to restore unity and rest through each new mosaic piece. I long to create a place of creative safety with the hopes that each artist will find personal freedom in whatever they choose to do with their art and life."
Is being an artist your full-time job? What other jobs or hobbies consume your time?
"Even though my art business takes a lot of my time during the day, my art life will never be a "job". I'm a firm believer that everyone should do only what they love for a living and out of that will bring the harmony that all of us strive for in life. I believe that is the path to the Peace in this world. We just need to have faith in what we do and the rest will take care of itself....
Chasing squirrels while mowing my 'back 40' on my riding lawn mower and taking care of my fur-kids consumes the rest of my time! I love going to garage/estate sales to find more treasures for my art! I also love to chat online with my "Piece Makers" friends."
Tell us ,briefly, about your family.
"I am single and I live alone with my three fur-kids. I was young when both of my parents passed on around 25 years ago."

Why are you "Stuck In The 60's"?
I loved the loud music, the colorful beads, the long hair, the freedom from "petal pushers" - which led me to living in my bell bottom jeans, the vibrant colors that jumped alive when the black-light came on, lava lamps that could take me away to far away places, the freedom to say what I really felt, make love not war....Ahhh, the memories! Why would I want to leave...the 60's?
Please visit Broken 4 Art 's Studios to see all of the pictured pieces, and MUCH more of her beautiful & inspired art!

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